Soft Twisted Updo

Soft Twisted Updo
I have been so inspired by different updos recently and since prom is right around the corner, felt this would be perfect for the occasion. Of course, this soft twisted updo would be gorgeous at a wedding as well but wearing it for any date night out would be fun too.  It has the same feel as the Looped Updo but with fewer buns and a softer twist, so it is perfect for that special night on the town. Where would you wear it? Don’t forget to tag me on social media with #missysue so I can see your recreation of this style! Soft Twisted Updo Soft Twisted Updo

Soft Twisted UpdoSoft Twisted Updo

French Lace Braid Updo

French Lace Braid Updo |

I have received so many requests for prom hairstyles and had my eye out for something extra pretty. I love how this updo has a gorgeous braid wrapping around it. If you are new to braiding then it can be a little trickier to do. It’s actually a french braid and lace braid combined together, wrapped around a chic bun. I think it’s the perfect style for any special occasion. If you love this then be sure to check out the Embellished Braided Updo!

Love this style but want something a little easier? Try the French Braid Updo. It is similar but done with a simpler technique. French Lace Braid Updo | French Lace Braid Updo | MissySue.comFrench Lace Braid Updo | lace-braid-updo … 

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