Shop the Look: Red Plaid

A chic outfit and perfect example of layering for the crisp Fall weather. A plaid shirt always adds that extra pop of pattern to any outfit. Pairing it with matching pieces like a duffle coat and hunter boots is a great way to pull the entire look together. Layer thigh high socks over your favorite tights or throw a basic turtleneck on underneath your button up for extra warmth!

shop the look red plaid1 Shop the Look: Red Plaid

Shop the Look: Red Plaid

TOP // Rails Kendra Plaid Top  / style steal

SKIRT //Halogen Skater Skirt / style steal / longer hem option

COAT // Michael Kors Duffle Coatstyle steal

TIGHTS & SOCKS // BP. Opaque Tights / Thigh High Socks

BOOTS // Hunter Boot / Short version

BAG // East West Leather Tote / style steal

{image via Atlantic-Pacific}

Fishtail French Braid Updo

Fishtail French Braid Updo is a perfect hairstyle for that night out on the town. I love to wear my hair in braids to work so I think with a smart blazer and clean cut pencil skirt, this could work even at the office.

The hairstyle features two fishtail french braids, wrapped together into a bun, and secured with hair pins. If you’ve mastered the fishtail french braid then you definitely need to try this look. It could also be done with regular french braids or even dutch braids too.

I love dressing up fishtail braids and if you love this look then be sure and check out Fishtail French Braid Braided Bun and Tuck and Cover Fishtail Braids too!

Fishtail french braid updo missy sue blog1 Fishtail French Braid Updo fishtail french braided updo missy sue1 Fishtail French Braid Updo

Step-by-step instructions for the Fishtail French Braid Updo:

  1. Begin with a side part, whichever side is your preference.
  2. Take a 2″ section of hair on the heavy side of the part and divide it into two halves.
  3. Begin a fishtail braid by taking a small piece of hair from the front strand, crossing it over the top, and adding it to the other half.
  4. Then take a small section of hair from the back half, cross it over the top, and add it into he front half.
  5. Now begin a fishtail french braid by taking a small piece of hair from the front half, adding it to the other side, then bringing in a section of hair and adding it in as well.
  6. Repeat step 5 with the back strand.
  7. Continue braiding a fishtail french braid until it reaches the back of the head.
  8. Finish braiding the hair down into a regular fishtail braid.
  9. Tie off the end with a clear elastic band.
  10. Now repeat steps 2 through 9 with the hair on the other side.
  11. Once all the hair is braided, wrap the two braids together to form a bun.
  12. Slide hairpins into the bun to hold it in place.
  13. Finish with medium to strong hold hairspray.

Striped Dress and Red Hunters

Striped dress and red Hunters is an outfit I have been patiently waiting to wear. Patiently waiting until my bump expanded enough to fill out the dress and the weather to dip cool enough I could justify pulling out these boots.

I bought this dress back when I was only 8 weeks along. It was a bit of a superstitious feat because apparently you shouldn’t buy maternity clothes until you are past the safe point and know you will even get to wear said maternity items.

I held onto it regardless and felt the fabric through my fingers on occasion when I remembered it was there, hanging in my closet, with all my other “regular” clothes. I even tried it on a few times to see how my bump was faring with the ruched siding and roomy front. Sadly, my bump wasn’t big enough to fit just yet.

Finally, once I reached 22 Weeks, my button popped, and over night this dress suddenly fit that bump like it was always meant to be.

I must say I do consider it slightly too short to actually be worn as a dress. Pairing it with leggings though helps me justify that it’s really just an extra long shirt made especially that way for keeping this little bun nice and warm.

These boots share a similar story, one where a serious bump is involved. I purchased these back before the weather cooled off because I knew I would dream of owning a pair once Fall settled in.

They are the epitome of the season and having a pair in the color red has been something I’ve coveted for over a year now. I could never justify giving into my desire to own them until the bump was officially coming and I knew it’d be in full throttle during the Fall and Winter months.

It was then that I decided I simply couldn’t resist them any longer. I believe that an item becomes a truly cherished piece when years pass and  it hasn’t been forgotten.

 Needless to say, I plan on wearing them as much as I possibly can.

red hunter boots striped dress Striped Dress and Red Hunters

 HAT: American Eagle {similar} | HAIR: Fishtail Braid Tutorial | DRESS: ASOS Maternity | JACKET: J.Crew {last seen here} | LEGGINGS: Topshop | BOOTS: Hunter

striped shirt jcrew jacket fishtail braid Striped Dress and Red Hunterspregnant style red hunter boots jcrew jacket striped dress Striped Dress and Red Huntersstriped dress red hunter boots j.crew jacket Striped Dress and Red Huntersred hunter boots1 Striped Dress and Red Hunters


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Waterfall Dutch Headband Braid

The Waterfall Dutch Headband Braid is another great headband braid tutorial and an inverse version of the Double Headband Waterfall Braid. This hairstyle features a waterfall braid and dutch braid combined together to create a pretty headband. Finish it off with a big flashy clip and it is perfect for a night on the town, meeting up with girlfriends, or even a more formal event!

waterfall dutch headband braid missy sue blog3 Waterfall Dutch Headband Braid waterfall dutch headband braid Waterfall Dutch Headband Braid

How to do the Waterfall Dutch Headband Braid:

  • Step 1 / Starting with a deep side part, take  a 2″ section of hair at the back of the crown, on the heavy side of the part , and divide it into three pieces.
  • Step 2 / Cross the side strands over the middle one time to begin a waterfall braid.
  • Step 3 / Next, drop down the front strand and pin it out of the way.
  • Step 4 / Pick up a section of hair underneath the dropped strand, crossing it over the middle as a replacement piece.
  • Step 5 / Now cross the back strand over the middle and bring in a section of hair as well, incorporating it into the strand.
  • Step 6 / Repeat steps 3 through 5 until the braid reaches the top of the ear.
  • Step 7 / Continue braiding the hair down into a regular braid and tie off the end with an elastic band.
  • Step 8 / Let down the waterfall pieces and pick up another 2″ section of hair directly in front of the first braid on the heavy side of the part.
  • Step 9 / Divide the hair into three pieces and cross the side strand under the middle one to begin a dutch braid.
  • Step 10 / Continue crossing the side strand under the middle and bring in the waterfall pieces when you cross the back strand.
  • Step 11 / When the braid reaches the corner of the forehead, stop bringing in pieces from the front but continue pulling in waterfall strands.
  • Step 12 / Once the braid reaches the top of the hear, braid down into a regular braid.
  • Step 13 / Wrap the braid towards the back of the head and secure it in place with hair pins.
  • Step 14 / Gently loosen the sides of the braid to make it thicker and to show more detail; this step is totally optional (:
  • Step 15 / Take a pretty clip and pin it over the braid before removing the hair pins.
  • Step 16 / Spritz the style with hairspray to ensure it stays in place and curl the rest of the hair if so desired.

You can find the clip here: Elle Pearl/Rhinestone Barrette.

23 Weeks Pregnancy Update

23 weeks pregnancy update 23 Weeks Pregnancy Update
23 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Baby’s gender:

BOY! – gender reveal featured last week (:

Baby’s size:

More than 11 inches long, weighing just over 1 pound, roughly a large mango

Baby’s development:

I can see baby boy squirming around in my stomach. Literally the COOLEST thing ever. AJ always says I have an alien in my belly.

Blood vessels in his lungs are developing to prepare for breathing, and the sounds that his ears pick up are preparing him for entry into the outside world. Loud noises become familiar now so they won’t faze him when he hears them outside the womb. ** The info comes from and I also love using the MyPregnancy app}

My weight gain:

15 lbs


More normal than ever before and it is absolutely wonderful.

Morning sickness: 

Sometimes I have feelings of getting the flu, heavy head, hot, dizzy, nauseous. It’s not every day and only when I let myself go too long without eating.


Not much besides always being thirsty and wanting anything majorly salted; seems counterproductive.

I have been eating every two hours starting at 7:00 AM, then again around 9:00 AM, lunch by 11:30 or 12:00 PM then I’m set until about 3:00 PM when a sugar crave kicks in and then dinner around 6 PM and a steaming cup of herbal tea around 9:00 PM.

I also take a prenatal vitamin every morning and 1/2 teaspoon of calcium and magnesium (this has helped a heap with my mood swings).

Random changes:

Gucci still follows me around everywhere and when we watch a movie he always chooses to sit on my lap over AJ’s. Sometimes it’s absolutely absurd because I’ll simply get up from the couch to put a dish in the sink, turn around, and there he is watching me from the doorway. My constant guard dog.

I’ve already started decorating the nursery in my mind. I am trying super hard to abstain from putting anything up yet because there’s still a good 4 months to go. AJ thinks I’m a little bit crazy because I’ll buy random things like a pair of booties and just gush over how cute and tiny they are saying things like, “Can you believe these are going to fit him!? Shoot, do you think these will fit him? What if he comes out and they’re already too small?!”

So far we have purchased a stroller, crib, and shelving. I also bought a rug for the room which I am out of my mind excited about. Haha! It seems absurd but I’ve been gushing over nursery pics on instagram and can’t help but take mental notes of what I want to put in his room.

Besides the little moccasins from this pic I also bought little newborn booties and keep them on my makeup desk and just look at them every time I do my makeup or get on my computer.

Details from above:

Check out the previous weeks!

pregnancy by weeks missy sue blog 23 Weeks Pregnancy Update