Tuck and Cover Half Looped French Braid

I am so excited to be introducing a new Tuck and Cover. This Tuck and Cover Half Looped French Braid, besides being a mouthful, incorporates a previous style, the T&C Half and a new tutorial, the Looped Half Up Crown Braid.

This hairstyle starts like a waterfall braid then each waterfall piece is gradually brought back into the braid to create a cascading effect. With the other side wrapped into a headband like the T&C Half the two sides creates a beautiful hairstyle that can be dressed up for an evening out or party. Dress it down for work or just relaxing with family during this holiday season.

This gorgeous headband is from Banded; find it here!

tuck and cover half looped french braid missy Tuck and Cover Half Looped French Braid tuck and cover half looped french braid missy sue Tuck and Cover Half Looped French Braidtuck and cover half looped french braid missysue Tuck and Cover Half Looped French Braid

Tuck and Cover Half Looped French Braid Step-by-step:

Step 1 / Start with a part on the right side.

Step 2 / Separate out a section of hair from the part down to the ear.

Step 3 / Then separate out another section of hair about an inch behind the first part and pin this section out of the way.

Step 4 / Grab a stretchy headband, this sparkle one is from Banded, and place it on the part before stretching it down over the back of the head.

Step 5 / Let down the pinned portion and lay the hair over the headband.

Step 6 / Next, pick up a section of hair right next to the part as well as a section of hair behind the headband.

Step 7 / Divide the front part into two pieces so there are now three pieces to begin the braid.

Step 8 / Cross the side strands over the middle, creating the first stitch of a braid.

Step 9 / Cross the back strand over the middle and bring in a section of hair.

Step 10 / Cross the front strand over the middle and bring in a section of hair.

Step 11 / Repeat step 9, crossing over the back strand and bringing in hair.

Step 12 / Next, divide the front strand in half and cross over half the strand.

Step 13 / Pick up a section of hair and incorporate it into the strand as well.

Step 14 / Cross the back strand over the middle and bring in another section of hair.

Step 15 / Repeat steps 12 through 14 until there are four strands hanging down.

Step 16 / Split the front strand, crossing over half the strand, then bring in the first waterfall strand hanging down.

Step 17 / Continue splitting the front strand and bringing in the front waterfall strand until the braid reaches the back of the head.

Step 18 / Next, bring in a hanging waterfall strand until they are all bright into the braid.

Step 19 / Pin the braid up and out of the way to work on the opposite side.

Step 20 / Pick up a section of hair on the right side, directly over the ear.

Step 21 / Wrap the strand over the headband tucking it around it.

Step 22 / Pick up a small section of hair, wrapping it around the headband again.

Step 23 / Continue wrapping hair around the band until it reaches the left side.

Step 24 / Gently pull apart the wrapped hair to create a fuller effect.

Step 25 / Unpin the braid and tuck it into the headband as well, pinning it against the head.

tuck and cover half looped french braid Tuck and Cover Half Looped French Braid

Buffalo Check

Buffalo Check is the epitome of Fall plaid. It adds the perfect pop of pattern which I think every outfit should have. It’s warmer than your typical button up and can be paired with denim, leather, or even knitted pants. Throw on a chic infinity scarf for an added hint of warmth and your favorite ankle boots for the perfect Fall look.

buffalo check fall outfit Buffalo Check

SUNGLASSES: Asos // LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Ruby Woo’ // EARRINGS: Nordstrom – love these! // SCARF: BP.  // SHIRT: Old Navy Maternity – non-maternity style // PANTS: Gap // BOOTS: Madewell -new style // BAG: Ralph Lauren – also in navy & red // WATCH: Fossil ‘Stella’ // BRACELET: Stella & Dotbuffalo check shirt Buffalo Check buffalo check plaid fall style Buffalo Check madewell booties Buffalo Checkbuffalo check dutch braid Buffalo Check buffalo check fall outfit inspiration Buffalo Check buffalo check shirt crown braid Buffalo Check

I scoured the stores for the perfect buffalo check print before landing on this top which is perfect for my growing bump. I love that it’s a pull-over style with only a few buttons at the top. My immediate inclination was to pair it with black denim but I love it with dark denim as well. I chose a contrasting scarf and brown booties to add a bit of color interest to the look. Add in my favorite red lipstick {you need this shade if you don’t have it already} and an easy headband braid and I feel confident enough to take on the day.

Infinity Bun Tutorial

Tossing your hair into a bun is one of the easiest hairstyles to wear. This infinity bun tutorial will dress up that bun and take it to the next level. There are so many different ways to do a bun, whether it’s a top knot or messy bun, they are always chic and cool and great for every day.

For this hairstyle, start with a regular old ponytail. Then divide the hair into two halves twisting the top half up and around and the bottom half up and around to create an infinity symbol. Pin the whole thing down and gently loosen it to create a fuller effect and hide the pins. It is easy to do once you get the hang of it so click below and watch the full tutorial to see exactly how it’s done!

infinity bun tutorial missysue blog Infinity Bun Tutorial

Infinity Bun Tutorial steps:

Step 1 / Start by brushing all the hair back into a ponytail at the center of the back of the head.

Step 2 / Tie it off with a clear elastic band.

Step 3 / Next, divide the ponytail into two halves, top and bottom.

Step 4 / With the top half, twist the hair upwards and lay it against the head, up and to the left of the hair elastic band.

Step 5 / Pin the twist against the head.

Step 6 / Continue twisting the hair and wrap it downwards, pinning as you go, creating a loop and one half of the infinity symbol.

Step 7 / When the twist reaches the hair band again, pick up the other half of hair.

Step 8 / Continue twisting the hair upwards and pinning.

Step 9 / Wrap the hair around and back down, forming the other half of the infinity symbol.

Step 10 / Once it’s pinned, if you have leftover hair, continue twisting the hair pinning it underneath the bun.

Step 11 / Gently pull on the edges to create a fuller bun and hide the hair pins.

Step 12 / Spritz the look with hairspray and you are set!

infinity bun updo missy sue Infinity Bun Tutorial infinity bun missy sue blog Infinity Bun Tutorial

28 Weeks Pregnancy Update

28 weeks pregnancy update 28 Weeks Pregnancy Update

28 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Baby’s gender:


Baby’s size:

Baby boy weighs 2 1/4 pounds, about the size of a large eggplant, and measures 14.8 inches from the top of his head to his heels.

Baby’s development:

He can open and close his eyes, which now sport lashes. This movement is more of a reflexive blink than a deliberate opening and closing.

My weight gain:

20 lbs


Anxious and nervous for his arrival.

Morning sickness: 

Pretty much buckled down with scheduled snacks and knowing when nausea would strike otherwise.


Cheese. I especially love string cheese and keep it stocked in the fridge.

Things of Note:

I visited the doctor and am measuring at 29 inches. At 28 weeks they said I should be somewhere around that number so it looks like everything is going well. Right now this little guy is head up and in two weeks when I go back, if he’s still head up then I’ll have to do some exercises to flip him so he’s head down from 30 weeks until he’s due. I already did some research online about forward leaning inversion to get them to flip. I tried it and lasted about 10 seconds but if I can get up to 30 seconds then I’ll be good to go!

Sleeping with a body pillow has helped immensely. It makes a kind of cocoon in the bed and when I crawl in, it just feels so safe and soft. I’m working on the review but so far double-thumbs up for that!

I bought a dress that I think will be perfect for the maternity shoot. I am going to wait and reveal it with the photos which I am super hoping turn out well! Anybody else take maternity pictures before their bun was born? I’ve love to hear any tips for keeping it modest and flattering!

Details from above:

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pregnancy update 28 weeks 7 months 28 Weeks Pregnancy Update