November 22, 2011

Jessica Alba Inspired: Side Braids into Bun

In case you haven't noticed.
I don't do a lot of pictures where I'm posing straight forward. I find them kind of invasive, intrusive?
Is that weird? I mean I'm sitting here staring at a picture of myself that's staring right back at me and I'm thinking "whoa back up."  Well I guess I'm gonna leave it cuz you should see the hair from the front, yes?

P.S. Sorry my hair is too short for her fancy braided bun duo :(

I'm sponsoring Gentri Lee and she's featuring her sponsors favorite picture (including mine!) and why it's their favorite so really really you should go see it. Just keep scrolling, it's number 12.  It's the best picture ever!


Melu103 said...

you would be so proud of my cousin
she just did one similar to this
hair do! ill post it up tomorrow
and giving you a shout out for
always having the best braids ever!

love ya friend!


lowercase letters said...

I love this look... The braid and the new blonde. You are SO pretty, Melissa. I like your hollister hoodie too. I can't wait to try this braid.
I saw you at gentri's! Too funny. :)

Emma Frances said...

Gorgeous! I really need to step it up and be more creative with my hair! Haha. It shouldn't be hard with all of your awesome tutorials!

Erin said...

this looks soooo cute :) I think you look lovely in that pic!