March 14, 2012

Summer Vacation

Cabo San Lucas
What kind of vacation do you look forward to most?
Do you prefer a scheduled itinerary with lots of sight-seeing or one with a lot of lounging and making plans as you go?

When AJ and I got married, we agreed to take a family vacation every summer. Last year we went all out and traveled to England to see his parents and to Holland with mine. This year we're thinking about keeping it a little more low-key.

Santa Monica Pier
My idea of the perfect vacation is napping on the beach and taking dips in the ocean. I've always wanted to go to Cabo San Lucas but I'd also love to go anywhere in California.
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
While AJ would love making the long flight to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho in a Cessma 172. We're still discussing the details, doing research and trying to figure out what would be best.

Where do you like to vacation?


Eeny said...

the maldive islands - but i guess that will just be a big dream for a while. For now I would just stick with visiting my favorite family in NJ.

Jessica&Cameron said...

K whoever just wrote maldive islands.. that is my DREAM. I want to go there more than anything!!! Cabo is pretty though, Cam and I went there on our first year anniversary. and my bro and sister in law went for thier honeymoon. We have also agreed to go somewhere every year!